Josie LaRosa, Managing Broker,  Realtor in Lynnwood, Windermere

Josie LaRosa

Managing Broker, Realtor

LIC. 26581



Windermere Real Estate/North, Inc.
4211 Alderwood Mall Blvd Suite 110

Lynnwood, WA 98036

Being a real estate agent is many things, but to me, what it is not, is sales – in the traditional sense. I am not a salesperson. I would never try to sell you on anything, nor would I want to!

My role as a real estate agent is to help guide the purchase or sale of your home. Many of you will already have decided that you want to buy or sell, and my role is to help move that process along as easily and stress-free as I can for you. I’m here to help, advise, and counsel - offer my recommendations, provide data, as well as reassurance, and just plain be there for you while you make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.

I enjoy what I do – it’s fun! I like being there for people. I love building strong, genuine relationships and friendships with my clients based on trust and kindness.

What I find most rewarding about being a real estate agent is knowing that I did all I could for my clients to help them achieve their best possible outcome and feeling all their excitement, happiness, and satisfaction that goes along with that. At the end of the day, risking integrity for profit will never serve anyone’s best interest, and I believe that whole heartedly.