Jimmy Chuang,  in Seattle, Windermere

Jimmy Chuang


Seattle-Capitol Hill

Windermere Real Estate/Capitol Hill, Inc.
1112 19th Avenue East

Seattle, WA 98112

Growing up in the capital of Taiwan and migrating to the United States, Jimmy understands that real estate is the foundation of well-being. He’s dedicated himself to constantly learning and adapting in this ever-changing market. Applying his bilingual skill and diverse background, Jimmy has developed a communication process for listening and understanding to his clients’ needs from all different aspects.

While at Michigan State University, Jimmy strengthened his economic knowledge to understand the big picture of the marketplace. It enhances his ability to help you connect the cause-effect relationship between your long term real estate goals and the realities of the economic housing market at any given time. When it comes to purchasing a property, you can count on Jimmy’s expertise to ensure you don’t miss out any opportunities.

Being a sole proprietor of Strength Cube, Jimmy had the direct experience of taking a concept into a product. Jimmy knows that his in-depth market research knowledge is critical for the success of every transaction. He feels it is his duty to inform his clients to understand the current market and make a better decision without leaving anything on the table. Jimmy also knows that his product promoting skills transfer to real estate by developing marketing strategies that position his Sellers’ properties in the marketplace so people to fall in love with them. 

From his time in the hospitality industry,  Jimmy has extensive knowledge in providing a high level of service focused on the luxury and convenience experience for the customer. Combining top-notch concierge service with his highly-developed communication skills, Jimmy’s commitment to providing unparalleled service to his clients results in long-lasting relationships even after the real estate experience.

People know when they work with Jimmy, their interests come first. As a first generation immigrant, Jimmy knows that there’s no greater opportunity than homeownership.