Jim Wynne, BROKER in Spokane, Windermere

Jim Wynne


LIC. 48313



Windermere North Spokane, LLC
9017 N Country Homes Blvd.

Spokane, WA 99218

My Background

Spokane native, husband and father. BA in Business Administration. Previous US Air Force and Air National Guard pilot and commander. More than 20 years residential real estate experience as a broker and agent.

My Mission Statement

Serve Spokane and Inland Northwest sellers and future residents with "Integrity - Service - Results!"

Truths...The Distinguishable Foundation For My Success

(1) I believe that people are more important than houses. (2) I always start with the client's point-of-view. (3) I solve people's needs while fulfilling their wants. (4) I know everything about my neighborhood and community. (5) I understand that a house is a box where people do their living. (It is where memories are made and lives take place.) (6) I am a citizen-agent and a central part of the fabric of my community. (7) I ease and guide the home buying and selling processes and transform the leap of faith to a step of faith. (8) I am a facilitator, counselor, expert and hand-holder, which is so much more than an agent. (9) I protect my clients by educating them and negotiating on their behalf. (10) I am an entrepreneur. (11) I am creating a cause which is way more than building a business. (12) I am helping create a vibrant, livable and humane community. (13) My ability to provide consumers with an incredible experience makes me a great real estate agent.