Jenny Wetzel, REALTOR in Tacoma, Windermere

Jenny Wetzel

REALTOR | Luxury Advisor

LIC. 116556


Tacoma - Old Town

Windermere Abode
2200 N. 30th St. Suite 102

Tacoma, WA 98403

Local Knowledge & Expertise

Fulltime Realtor and community member in Tacoma - Jenny Wetzel has great pride and experiential knowledge of the community she has always called home encompassing all of the Tacoma area's diverse neighborhoods. Second generation Tacoman, proud Lincoln Abe alumni and Western Washington University graduate. After graduating and prior to getting her Real Estate License, Jenny returned to Tacoma and worked as an Executive at Target - overseeing Loss Prevention and Logistics. Her Retail Management position taught her many things, but above all, results don't come without relationships. Jenny's upbringing ingrained the values that have become the foundation of her growing Real Estate business; genuine care for all people, working hard, embracing change and innovation.

Preparation & Client Care for the WIN

Self motivated Realtor and leader within her community; Jenny Wetzel takes great pride in her work accomplishments. She consistently aims above set goals and for continuous improvement. Her reputation is one of an ambitious, young winner, who has the critical thinking ability, market knowledge and drive to attain results and solve problems quickly for her clients. Resolution to complex and sensitive issues are met with the utmost integrity and care. 

Representing sellers and guiding them through the complexities of preparing a home for sale is one of Jenny's most fine tuned skills. This enables her clients to obtain maximum value from the sale of their home. Jenny is meticulous in the details surrounding presentation of the home and will create a marketing package that makes your home stand out from the rest. And if you don't have a multi-million dollar home to sell, the treatment is just the same. Jenny's relentless execution, attention to detail, constant communication and internet skills makes every client a winner. 

Where I Root

Outside of work Jenny loves to stay active. Growing up she played softball and was president of the high school ski club. In college she competed in intramural sports every year and has always enjoyed running and biking.  

Having all of her immediate family local, Jenny continues to have very strong bonds with her family and for that, she feels extremely fortunate. In her free time she especially enjoys spending time with her young nephews whose energy and innocence offer many laughs and a much appreciated recharge!