Jennifer Fink, Broker in Seattle, Windermere

Jennifer Fink


LIC. 46657


Seattle - Belltown

PCAR Holdings, LLC
99 Blanchard Street

Seattle, WA 98121

With 20 years experience in real estate Jennifer has pretty much seen and all done it all. From working with first time buyers to listing and selling legacy properties, Jennifer’s down to earth personality and sharp focus combine to make her one of the most liked and trusted real estate professionals in the Seattle Metro area. 

Growing up in Eugene, Oregon and moving to Seattle when she was 18, Jennifer is a diehard Northwest girl. Seattle became home because it was the perfect combination of big city and big evergreens.

“I Remember the first time I came to Seattle just for a visit, the trees and the fresh air felt familiar but the city enchanted me. So many neighborhoods, each with a different flavor, it felt so special and I just knew Seattle was home.”

After completing a double BA at the University of Washington, Jennifer‘s first career was in service working with victims of domestic violence in criminal cases. It was there, in the courtroom mediating with defense attorneys, that she learned to be a fierce negotiator. From that unique background of both service and advocacy Jennifer’s transition to real estate was a natural fit.

“Sometimes real estate is contracts and negotiations and sometimes real estate is listening, being patient and coaching. And that is why it suits me, I get to access different parts of myself and things are always interesting.”

Jennifer’s talents also lie in interior design. A modern art lover, style and design was always at the forefront of her life. While flipping homes Jennifer discovered she has a natural talent for drawing her own floor plans and choosing interior finishes. And with 12 years experience in staging, she developed the uncanny ability to improve any space with just furnishings alone. With this mixture of talents, Jennifer has helped countless clients prepare their homes for the best position in the market. 

“When I walk into a home, I don’t see what is there, I see what it can be. Design never overwhelms me, it feels very natural. I have to remind myself sometimes that most people don’t feel that way.”

In 2017, Jennifer became a Senior Residential Real Estate Specialist so she could help seniors and their loved ones navigate complicated and overwhelming end-of-life moves. Jennifer has developed resources unique to seniors and estates including organizers, estate liquidators, real estate attorneys and financial advisors. She also shows considerable patience, a skill that is probably the most needed in working with seniors.

Older Americans recall a time that service was in person and you don’t find much of that in today’s mobile-dominated environment, where text messages pass for conversation and e-signatures have replaced the ballpoint pen. I like that connection to the past, I like that an entire meeting with a senior might just be listening to stories of a life well lived.” 

Overall, Jennifer understands that her clients are counting on her for some of their life's biggest decisions. It is her job to not only think about their best financial position but to also make a usually stressful situation as easy as possible.

“While earning a paycheck is obviously nice, what really motivates me is hearing that sigh of relief from my clients and seeing their shoulders finally drop in relaxation after they’ve closed on their home. I sort of live for that!”