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Coeur d'Alene

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About Me

Don’t let the beard fool you…

I’ve been told as a big guy with a big beard that I look intimidating. But you’d be surprised to know that I’m a lot of fun. I love adventure, am kind, and have a big heart for serving others.

I’m truly blessed when I help others grow and win! Being of service really fills my tank and if there is a way I can bring value or help someone find a win whether big or small, count me in.This is why I love Real Estate so much. It’s the blending of my passion and my profession.


Serving others has always been part of my life.As a First Responder in my pre Real Estate profession, service to others was my duty as a firefighter. Learning to manage high pressure situations, quickly assess threats, bring calm to the chaos, and administer patient care all had to happen simultaneously.

Helping people on what was often their worst day was something I truly enjoyed. I learned to put my training, instincts,and communication skills to work to bring people the absolute best outcome. While at the fire department I worked on our USAR team, was on the honor guard, was an instructor and “retired” at the rank of Lieutenant.

You might be wondering why a former first responder would make a great Realtor?Surprisingly, the same skills I used as a firefighter also help me deliver legendary service to my clients.

The ability to quickly assess your needs while bringing clear communication, compassion, and focussing on your best outcome make me a great agent. The laser focus that I learned in those years I now use to help my clients achieve their dreams.

Navigating Challenges.

I love a good challenge and have often been willing to dive into things most people aren’t.Whether catching snakes & alligators growing up half Feechie in Central Florida, or searching burning buildings with only a piece of steel in my hand, I'm used to solving unique problems. I’m ready to navigate whatever may come our way during a transaction.

Real Estate has plenty of unique issues that can arise. I stand ready to guide my clients through the process from start to finish and bring them the outcome that is in their best interest.

Whether it’s hard to find properties, creative negotiations, challenging situations with vendors or other agents, I’m here to make things happen for you. I love tackling the tough stuff so you can enjoy the process. Making good things happen for good people fuels me.


It is my mission to build a successful and well-respected business that is known for an exceptional level of service. To accomplish this I’ve combined my unique skillset, connections in the industry and community, and personal network across the country with my desire to serve.

Surrounding myself with solid, reliable people is no coincidence. Even outside of business, my circle makes things happen. Need a great lender, contractor, tradesman, mechanic, insurance agent, financial planner, hunting or fly fishing guide…? I’ve got you covered.

I even have a list of outdoor resources that I only share with my circle. Looking for a new hunting, hiking, fishing or camping spot? We spend a ton of time in the wilderness and I’m happy to share these places with my clients.

Connecting people is one of my greatest skills. If you are new to the area I have all the resources to help you transition and get connected. Even if you’re thinking of leaving this beautiful place and moving across the country I bet I can help you find what you need wherever you’re going.


I’ve always been fiercely dedicated to my people. I apply this same tenacity to tirelessly working for my clients. Advocating on your behalf, guiding you each step along the way, and keeping you informed are my priorities when we work together.

I will go out of my way to make things happen for you because this is not a one size fits all business and buying or selling is a big deal! Every client has unique needs and circumstances. My dedication to you means that I will truly partner with you from start to finish and beyond.


We love the outdoors. My family spends all the free time we can out exploring and enjoying the beautiful state of Idaho. I know North Idaho and many of her hidden gems well. I feel most at home out in the woods exploring the back country. We hunt, fish, camp and practice bushcraft year round. These are things I truly love to do.

If you are looking for a remote getaway, a great piece of land, recreation property, hunting camp, or off grid home, I’m your guy.We’ll find a way no matter how far out it is. I love a good adventure and am ready to take you there.

Building & Renovation.

My grandfather and father were both contractors. I grew up working in my grandpa’s hobby wood shop building furniture and kid’s toys. He taught me to love working with my hands. My time spent with him gave me a deep appreciation for quality craftsmanship. I later went on to a year of formal wood working training and then had my own shop for a few years. It’s something I still enjoy doing for fun.

I’ve also done plenty of construction myself over the years. Everything from post hurricane roofing repair to complete tear downs. I’ve installed 6-figure kitchens and completed many remodels and flips as well.

These experiences combined with my building construction training from the fire service have given me a unique eye for detail when looking at buildings. Whether searching for an investment property or your dream home, I’d love to put that eye for detail to work for you.

Who is Jared Mielke?

I am a husband to my beautiful wife Ashley, and a father to our 3 great teenagers. I am a compassionate person who loves to be of service. I am a craftsman, an outdoorsman and an adventurer. I am a leader, teacher, business owner and entrepreneur. I am a Professional Realtor and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and become a Trusted Advisor for you.