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Lake Oswego - 220 A Avenue

Windermere Realty Trust
220 A Avenue Suite 200

Lake Oswego, OR 97034

We have an unwavering commitment to our clients, peers and communities. Who you work with matters. We believe in great communication and sincere care with our clients while preserving honesty and integrity in all we do. Every real estate transaction has many layers of negotiations. We pride ourselves on being skilled negotiators. This is a vital asset we impart to all our clients. When you hire us to be your devoted realtors or refer us to your family and friends, we give the highest level of full-time service, making the process of buying or selling organized, efficient and successful.

The two of us met back in college, at Oregon State University. Once graduated, we went our separate ways. Thirty years later, as life gives us inevitable changes, we re-connected again on (yes) social media. Together we have 5 kids between us. In July 2021 we were married in Maui on a blissful Hawaiian day. Two lives now together as one, we are enjoying building a new family, working hard together to create a peaceful and joy-filled life.

We both love real estate and the satisfaction it brings us, but there are many other things that we love as well. We adore sports! Especially our OSU Beavers. We love music, exercise, boating, snow skiing, crabbing, being outdoors, ice cream, laughing, camping and getting to know people. Michael is a musician and singer/songwriter….so we sing a lot! Working together is a beautiful thing. Although we have a difference in favorite NFL teams, Mike is a Seahawks fan and Sherry is a Packers fan, we have so much in common. It makes life fun!

We have an attitude! And it is awesome! Our attitude is simply to care for people and do the right thing. We want to make people happy! We cherish the relationships we build and feel grateful for the family, friends, clients, peers, neighbors, communities we have. Attitude is everything. Our attitude will bring you success!