Holly  Nagie ,  in Salt Lake City, Windermere

Holly Nagie



Salt Lake City- Sugar House

Windermere Real Estate - Utah
1240 East 2100 South Suite 600

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

My main career path has been Aviation. My dad was a Pan Am pilot, and I grew up around airplanes and airports. My dad was the biggest influence on me as a child. Both my brother and I are professional pilots, though I retired in September 2020 after 20+ years at Southwest Airlines. My brother is a Captain for Southwest in Orlando. 

My hobby has always been living spaces: residential floor plans, architecture, the use of light, and interior design. How one surrounds him or herself with aesthetically pleasing elements, natural light, and functional floor plans makes a dramatic difference in one's well-being and efficacy. 

Finally, service to country motivated me to join the military in my 20's, and I was honored to be awarded a pilot slot with the Arizona Air National Guard at age 27. I served the 161st Refueling Squadron--the Copperheads; the 151st Refueling Squadron--Utah; and the 465th Refueling Squadron--the Okies; commanding the KC-135 air-refueling tanker in missions around the world.