Gino Araki Nathan, Property Manager in Seattle, Windermere

Gino Araki Nathan

Property Manager | Property Management Specialist


Property Management- Seattle North

Windermere Property Management/Lori Gill & Associates
819 NE 65th Street

Seattle, WA 98115

Born and raised in Seattle, Gino Araki Nathan has been a licensed real estate agent for over 9+ years specializing in Property Management and Leasing Services. Beginning his career at Windermere Real Estate/Capitol Hill Inc., he then served as a leasing agent for Windermere Property Management/Lori Gill & Associates. With a background in psychology, sales, and customer service, Gino found professional success and was able to produce three record setting years before transitioning into the role of Property Manager. He offers a fantastic understanding of neighborhoods throughout the city, their unique characteristics and pricing structures.

In his free time, Gino enjoys hanging out with friends, playing golf (in the rain of course), and exploring the outdoors with his wife and daughter.

Gino will provide the knowledge and expertise needed to feel confident in the decisions you make. His goal is to provide the quality of service that develops a "lifetime" relationship and keeps them coming back whenever they need a property manager. His passion and commitment to his clients are the most important aspects of his career, specializing in the greater Seattle metro area.