Esther Kim Bessembinders, Darci Gillespie's Licensed Assistant Extraordinaire in Seattle, Windermere

Esther Kim Bessembinders

Darci Gillespie's Licensed Assistant Extraordinaire

LIC. 130023



Windermere Real Estate Co.
2636 NW Market Street

Seattle, WA 98107

my J.A.M. and your home

Journey to Windermere Madison Park

My Korean American upbringing helped me thrive in hospitality and management. I have over 16 years of experience with large events that brought in millions of dollars each year. The key to a successful event is clear communication on the client’s vision with concise details for staff to execute while having multiple contingencies if anything should go astray to get it back in order.  I always enjoyed the smiles and laughter from staff, guests, and organizers that I worked with for events as a catering manager. As many things are changing in the world, I have decided to take this opportunity to bring my expertise to my dream job of helping people find a home, as well as, discover the potential that homeownership can bring. 

Adventures and Joy in my life

I have a high level of curiosity that lets me appreciate the world in all of its complexity. I have traveled to many parts of the U.S., Europe, and Asia. I have scuba dived, skydived, rock climbed, hiked, jogged, skied, and more! My adventurous spirit was largely awoken after a doctor told me that I might die at age 40. I was motivated to lose 30 lbs and become active with fun sports that I now enjoy. My determination to achieve my goals personally and professionally is met with excitement to exceed anyone’s expectations.


I smile a lot, and I love making others smile as well. Finding a new home, or selling your current home, is often an arduous process. I am here to make it easier for you to continue living life while juggling deadlines to complete your transaction. Any new process, or even repeat process, can be more interesting when it is made to be fun. My personality and work ethics help me be prepared to provide research and data to reinforce your decisions at every point. Planning is in my blood so I can meet my commitments regardless of obstacles with contingencies.

What I want to provide to you...

Providing knowledge to buyers and sellers, so they feel confident in their decisions regarding their home purchase or sale is essential. Making sure challenges are met with solutions that will result in options for you to accept or reject. I will be your strongest advocate throughout the process. My goal is to always prioritize my client's needs and wants with analytical data and strategies to make it possible. Connecting clients to resources like home loans, contractors (from landscaping to renovations), and/or any services in between that can help make the transition easier. This is one of the largest transactions in your life where I am by your side to support you until the end.