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Need Real Estate Help?

When it's time to maximize your Spokane area home, you want a proven strategy and expert guidance.

You’ve been thinking of a move. You’re ready for a home that provides you with extra space where you can come home from work, enjoy your surroundings, and have the privacy you want. You've decided to sell, but you want to make sure you're doing everything you can to maximize your sale price to fund your next home purchase.

Truth is, real estate transactions can be some of the largest transactions of your life—so they're a big deal. You already have a busy schedule navigating work and lifestyle obligations, but now you have to navigate the processes of decluttering, packing up, finding a new home, and the inevitable roadblocks that pop up in most real estate transactions too.

Without a strategic plan and expert guidance, you can easily find yourself frustrated—walking away with less than you deserve.

I can help!

Most agents today will promise an optimal outcome, while doing the bare minimum to position your home on the market. Some of them will snap a few pictures from their phone, throw your house up on the internet, click a couple of buttons, and hope the internet does the rest.

Others will work quickly to gain your listing, throwing it up online, and move on to the next transaction, while you’re left in the dark wondering what happens next.

You deserve better.

Erika does things differently.

When you work with me, I make it a point to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident throughout your entire home sale. From preparing your home to marketing it to evaluating offers, I’ll be there to ensure you experience a seamless home sale, that way you can focus on your move. To make sure we maximize your results, I use exclusive strategies that can boost your ROI and get your home shown to the most qualified buyers. You’ve worked hard to maintain your home, and you deserve every bit of equity you’ve earned.

It is my diligent work ethic, consistent communication, and strategic negotiations that are just a few reasons why my clients have trusted me with over $60M in the Spokane and surrounding area real estate market. My process works, and I make it a seamless and simple experience for you.

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We’ll briefly cover your goals, how I work with clients, and if it’s the right fit, the next steps from there.

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