Derek R. Olson, Residential and Waterfront Specialist in Seattle, Windermere

Derek R. Olson

Residential and Waterfront Specialist



Windermere Real Estate Greenwood
311 N. 85th Street

Seattle, WA 98103


Born and raised in Western Washington, I have deep roots and a long history in Seattle and the surrounding area. My family has been active in Northwest real estate for three generations so my enthusiasm is literally part of my heritage. Growing up in Western Washington and spending summers on Whidbey Island, I have cultivated an intimate understanding of the individual markets and neighborhoods in this exquisite part of the world we call 'home'.  


After a rewarding decade working in customer service, I launched my real estate career in 2000. My clients appreciate my professionalism and fun-natured personality and I take great pride in serving them. From first-time homebuyers to full-scale commercial and residential investments, I believe you deserve the best. Beginning to end, I am available to you with my expertise, attention to detail and skillful negotiation. My number one goal is to help you to achieve your goals. My clients come first. It’s that simple. 


I’ll provide you with a complete knowledge base of the current real estate market. My standards are of highest quality so that you are fully satisfied with the duration as well as the outcome of your transaction. I maintain focus, motivation, and a sense of responsibility with every transaction I oversee. Yet my approach to professionalism is highlighted by my innate enthusiasm, creating a relaxed, comfortable, and fun atmosphere. My enthusiasm is also a great motivating quality that contributes greatly to the transaction process.


I will get the job done! I will put forth all the effort and time needed to complete your transaction because I care about you and your satisfaction.

But diligence and hard work alone are not enough to facilitate the transaction process. No, real estate job skills are essential, specifically negotiation skills which can be just the key to a successful and timely closing to a real estate transaction.

If concerns or problems arise during the transaction process, which they often do, good negotiation is critical. First and foremost my loyalty is to my client when such problems arise but my technique to negotiation involves striving to keep all parties satisfied, since a buyer or seller who feels he has "lost" when bargaining can be resentful and much less likely to cooperate when trying to work out the problems.

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