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Dave Westfall




Windermere Real Estate/Missoula
2800 South Reserve Street

Missoula, MT 59801


What I do: I specialize in relocation for buyers, in particular those moving into Missoula for professional advancement or retirement. I’ve lived in five states and numerous homes with myriad experiences with Real Estate transactions, agreements and contracts.I‘ve had first hand experience in relocating and understand all aspects of it. 

What I’ve done:My professional background is very diverse having worked for large public corporations, private companies that experienced massive growth and even my own private family business. See my linkedIn site for my past international sales and management experience and other careers.

Who I am:I am a licensed Realtor in the State of Montana.This is my full time job.I am a student of the “Realtor Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice” and pride myself on honesty and integrity. I promise you care, skill and diligence. I listen to my heart…care.I use by brain…skill.I work with my body…diligence. See my web-site Blog for deeper thoughts. 

How I serve:I serve the community in many ways. I volunteer my time, sit on a number of committees and County boards.I also support numerous local Environmental protection organizations. I attend community workshops, city council meetings,and numerous networking events.  See my Community Involvement below. 

My passions are music, (I play guitar and sing) food and fine wine, the Arts,enjoying wildlife and open spaces, and contributing to the responsible development of the Missoula area.

I am married with two daughters, their husbands and four fantastic grandchildren, all in the Missoula area.This is my paradise!

Buying or Selling?

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, you’ve come to the right spot.   Whatever your real estate needs, I can help you reach your goals with confidence. While visiting my website, you can access the most current real estate data and search for homes throughout Western Montana.  And when the time is right, feel free to contact me so that I can put the power of Windermere to work for you.

Moving to Missoula?

Missoula is a beautiful and friendly mountain community nestled in the western Montana Rockies that offers a diverse selection of homes.  There's much to consider when relocating and I can be helpful in each step of the process. As your exclusive agent I can guide you to the one single property that is best for you.  Whether re-locating from inside the USA or Internationally I have the experience and knowledge necessary for helping you make that big move.

Community Service

Community Involvement:

Volunteer for the Missoula "Habitat For Humanity" organization.  In October 2021 I joined as the Chair of the "Innovation Team" charged with researching, evaluating and introducing new methods of construction, business models and community outreach. With other members of the leadership teams I helped to draft the "Core Ideologies" and "Mission Statement" while also working on articulating our "Objectives" "Strategies" and "Tactics" all in coordination with the Executive Director and Board. 

Board member of the  "Missoula Development Authority" that is charged with advising the Missoula County Commissioneers in matters of "Tax Increment Financing" (or TIF), for the various current and future districts.

Supporter if the "Sunrise Movement" and the Green New Deal" a proposal for a ten-year economic mobilization to rapidly transition the US to a zero-carbon economy and in doing so, regenerate and reorganize the US economy in ways that significantly reduce inequality and redress legacies of systemic oppression.  

From September 2017 to October 2021 I was the Co-Chair of the "Lewis and Clark Neighborhood Council" and the Chair of the "Bancroft Ponds Steering Committee".   We addressed myriad concerns such as traffic safety, urban deer, fostering and protecting the Wildlife Habitat, and improving our recycling efforts.  As my wife and I were new to the neighborhood it was a great opportunity to contribute to this wonderful community and get to know our neighbors.

I am a member of the "Clark Fork Coalition" who works closely with private landowners, conservation partners and public agencies to rehabilitate degraded creeks and streams.  One of the greatest treasures of Montana are our rivers and streams. The health of our fish and water is critical to the long term health of our people, wildlife and our lands! 

My wife and I are also supporters of "Climate Smart" a local Missoula organization dedicated to intelligent, well thought out ways to decrease energy consumption and use science, technology and creative thinking to address Climate Change and reverse the adverse effects that humans have had on our Global Climate.

Missoula Food Bank is an essential part of the local communitys' goal of eliminating hunger in Missoula.  I volunteer time each month to helping the Food Bank help those in need of food.  It's one of the most gratifying uses of my time.

Other Affiliations:

A  Board member of the Missoula "City Club" (January 1, 2022)

A member of "MOR" the Missoula Organization of Realtors "Public Affairs Committee". 

A member of the "Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce" and Chair of Business Network Group #4.