Daphne Cooluris, Broker in Portland, Windermere

Daphne Cooluris


Licensed in Oregon


Portland- Raleigh Hills

Windermere Realty Trust
6443 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy Ste 100

Portland, OR 97221

Who I Am--Part 1

I was born and raised in Southern California and lived in Sun Valley, Idaho, before moving to Portland 37 years ago. My educational background includes a B.A. degree from San Diego State University and a B.S degree from the OHSU School of Dentistry. While working in the dental profession, I began my own business in color consultation, interior design and staging homes for sale. During that time I also worked in retail sales and merchandising. Real estate always has been a passion of mine and I have been involved with investment properties in California, Central Oregon, the Oregon Coast and Portland for the last 45 years.

Who I Am--Part 2

My family consists of one creative husband who worked for NIKE, one very clever and expensive son who lives and thrives in LA, and two loyal, devoted dogs.... I love traveling, spending time with family and friends, reading, cooking, fly fishing, and outings with my animals. I am wild about the Sunday New York Times crossword.

What I Believe

This is easily summed up by My Top Ten List: 1. Always have a strong work and personal ethic. 2. Be dependable--deliver what is promised. 3. Give back to the community. 4. Gather knowledge, keep learning and always ask questions. 5. Keep balance in life. 6. Maintain a sense of humor. 7. Treat others as you would like to be treated. 8. Be fair and non-judgmental...there are always two sides. 9. Treat difficult situations as challenges and work to change them to your advantage. 10. Have fun while doing all of the above.

What I Know

Portland is a wonderful place to live, unique in its environmental attitude, progressive architecture, great neighborhoods, and overall beauty. I would love to share my excitement about living here with you. With my background in dentistry (egads), one of my strengths is to take a potentially difficult situation and to make it positive. What I know is that if you choose to work with me, you will find that experience just so.