Dan Peterson, Managing Broker in Marysville, Windermere

Dan Peterson

Managing Broker



Windermere Real Estate/JS
801 State Ave.

Marysville, WA 98270


I joined Windermere Real Estate in 1992, selling real estate full time for 8 years before becoming the Managing Broker for the Marysville office. I truly enjoy all facets of the business and continue to help my friends and past clients. My professional background includes a BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington and 14 years in retail management - 11 of which were in Hawaii. Born & raised in Arlington, I enjoy being back "home". 


The key to any great office is the people, and I try to surround myself with the best. Our great staff is here to help serve the agents…our agents are here to help serve the public. My goal is to foster an environment where our agents can be successful. All we ask of our agents is to: BE the smartest person in the room; DO everything humanly possible to help your customer; and SAY what you mean and mean what you say. Great agents find satisfaction in helping people realize their dreams of buying or selling homes. We're in the dream-fulfilling business. And when our customers see that their Windermere agent genuinely cares about their dream, that turns into success for the agent.


These truths distinguish Windermere and are the foundation of our success • We believe that people are more important than houses. • We always start with the client's point of view. • We solve people's needs while fulfilling their wants. • We know everything about our neighborhood and community. • We understand that a house is more than a box where people do their living. (It is where memories are made and lives take place.) • We are citizen-agents and a central part of the fabric of our community. • We ease and guide the home buying and selling processes and transform the leap of faith to a step of faith. • We are facilitators, counselors, experts and hand holders, which is so much more than an agent. • We protect our clients by educating them and negotiating on their behalf. • We are entrepreneurs. • We are creating a cause, which is way more than building a company. • We are creating vibrant, livable and humane communities. • Our ability to provide consumers with an incredible experience makes us a great real estate company.