Cindy Marchand, REALTOR® in Gig Harbor, Windermere

Cindy Marchand



Gig Harbor – Hollycroft

Windermere Professional Partners
2727 Hollycroft St Suite 210

Gig Harbor, WA 98335

To me, guiding someone through the intricate journey of selling or buying a home is more than a job; it's a deeply personal experience. Having been on the other side of real estate transactions, I understand the financial and emotional stakes involved, and that understanding has become the cornerstone of my approach.

Over the past 14 years, I've not just closed transactions but built relationships, securing over multi million in sales and navigating 2000 transactions with Team Aro/Windermere. I've tirelessly honed my skills to ensure both buyers and sellers feel secure.

What matters most to me is making sure my clients’ transactions go smoothly and close. I take the time to understand their desires, ensuring every transaction yields the best possible outcome. Whether it's a call at dawn or a text at dusk, I'm here for my clients, always ready to address their questions or concerns.

With 11 years of hands-on experience in new construction, I've worked closely with builders, navigated local agencies, and understand what is required to develop raw land. I played a key role in completing a 12-home plat, providing a unique perspective on building homes from the ground up. This practical experience enhances my ability to guide clients through all aspects of the real estate process, making me well-equipped to handle diverse challenges in the industry.

Before real estate became my calling, I served as a paralegal in southern California and proudly stood beside my spouse in the Air Force, experiencing real estate in 7 states over 16 years. Now, as a 19 year resident of Gig Harbor, these experiences have shaped my professional perspective. Each lesson learned and every challenge faced has become a guiding force as I assist clients, approaching each transaction with dedication as if it were my own.