Bryon Bosch, REALTOR in Kirkland, Windermere

Bryon Bosch



Yarrow Bay

Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc.
3933 Lake Washington Blvd NE Suite 100

Kirkland, WA 98033

Kirkland is a city unlike any other – I know this as someone who lived in five different states before the age of 16. Starting in Spokane, I learned quickly what ‘show ready’ meant, and was often relied on for those perfect vacuum lines. After so many moves, I was grateful to ultimately return to the beautiful PNW in time to attend the University of Washington.

As a result of visiting so many different regions and people, treasured time spent playing and traveling with the Cleveland Indians organization, and several devoted years in management with Nordstrom, I was well-prepared for my role in real estate where I am fortunate to always be meeting new people. And with a lifetime affection for architecture and development, I couldn’t be happier contributing to this field.

Once jokingly referred to by a client as “The Real Estate Computer”, I acknowledge I am thoroughly dedicated in my research of land, properties, history, and city code. While Natasha and I have varied skill sets, we also have similar goals and approaches, which affords us a natural strength in collaboration.

I want to help buyers and sellers become aware of a property’s investment options, zoning, and renovation or development potential to ensure they have a complete picture of their real estate transaction. I’m always glad to welcome new neighbors to this amazing community.