Brock Reinecke, Broker in Everett, Windermere

Brock Reinecke



Everett South

Windermere Real Estate/M2, LLC
9502 19th Ave. SE Suite A

Everett, WA 98208

Experience. Integrity. Results

My partnership with Dan Gunderson, Sean Straub, and Simon Forster offers a strategic blend of real estate experience, innovative marketing, and data analysis with an emphasis on accountability and professional service.

Why is this improtant to you?

Experience is imperative in today's changing market, where preparing your home for market and determing an accurate list price are vital. We bring quality and experienced representation to our clients, which will best position your home against the comeptition. 

Social and digital media has revolutionized the world of marketing. We recognize this and focus on complementing traditional marketing with robust social and digital marketing strategies.

Data analysis is more important than ever before. We dedicate the necessary resources to dissecting and understanding what the current market conditions are and how they may influence your sale and purchase.

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