Breanna Lesti , REALTOR in Napa, Windermere

Breanna Lesti





Windermere Napa Valley Properties
1500 Third Street Suite B

Napa, CA 94559

Breanna Sells!

Breanna has earned a reputation with her clients and colleagues alike for her dedication to her work and community as well as for her multitude of real estate-related skills. In addition to representing property buyers and sellers, she manages the Lesti Team’s marketing program. With experience in accounting and management, she is detail-oriented and adept at communication.

Who am I?

Drawn to the real estate profession after seeing her family members so dedicated to their clients and to fulfilling those clients’ dreams, Breanna has spent her years as a real estate professional combining her skills with her personal philosophy. "My main goal as a Realtor is to help ease my clients’ journey through real estate,” she says. “The service they receive when working with me is professional and reliable. I'm not here to overwhelm them with information they probably don't need. I'm here to fine-tune the information they do need to help them achieve their real estate goals."

So Remember

Growing up in Northern California and living in its celebrated Napa Valley Wine Country for the past several years, Breanna appreciates its world-renowned beauty and lifestyle, and, above all, the wonderful people and sense of community in Napa and its surrounding communities. She is dedicated to helping the local economy by supporting local businesses and fundraisers.