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Brandon Sanchez


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Windermere Real Estate/Lake Chelan
115 East Woodin Avenue

Chelan, WA 98816

About Me

     Welcome! My name is Brandon. I am currently a Washington State University student pursuing degrees in Finance & Law. After graduating from high school, I attended Wenatchee Valley College, where I initially studied accounting. While getting involved in student government and extracurricular clubs, I expanded my studies and continued at Washington State University. During my time at WSU, I actively participated in student organizations and extracurricular activities, specifically in Sales, Finance, and Real Estate organizations. These experiences have provided me with valuable collaboration skills among colleagues and community members.

     Growing up in the small and beloved town of Chelan, Washington, I have focused on helping the local community and promoting the welfare of the surrounding areas. Through this involvement, I have developed a deep understanding of the community's needs and have built a strong network of contacts. As a result, I have become a respected individual and a trusted name within the community.

Community Involvement

     Throughout my community involvement, I've dedicated my time to making a positive impact as both a business owner and an active member. As the a co-owner of Sanchez Landscaping and owner of Sanchez Craftsmen, I have worked tirelessly to provide exceptional services to homeowners, helping them enhance the value of their homes and land. Through landscaping and craftsmanship, I have transformed outdoor spaces, creating beautiful and inviting environments that not only improve aesthetics but also increase property value. By collaborating closely with homeowners, I ensure their unique visions are brought to life, resulting in satisfied customers who enjoy the benefits of a more valuable and appealing home.