Brandon Olson,  in Everett, Windermere

Brandon Olson


Commercial- Everett

Windermere Real Estate/Realty Brokerage Inc
7003 Evergreen Way Suite A

Everett, WA 98203-5168

Real Estate: It's In My Blood!

As a broker for Windermere Commercial NW, I count myself extremely fortunate to be able to assist corporate clients and investors with an end-to- end mix of sales, leasing, and relocation challenges—and to help them locate the perfect Puget Sound office, industrial, or retail property to meet their needs.

Having grown up in Western Washington and worked in the family business, a 16-unit pizza chain, I have fond memories of being a fly on the wall and watching my father purchase buildings, negotiate leases, and puzzle out various construction and facilities solutions to help take our business to the next level. This early interest has now translated into my own Washington State real estate license and the opportunity to help other business owners realize their dreams – and to offer them my expertise in helping identify, evaluate, and negotiate successful real estate sales and lease agreements.

I've Been There

One aspect of my background that I believe adds great value is the extensive hands-on business and entrepreneurial experience I bring to the table, complementing my core real estate practice. After graduating from Eastern Washington University, I came back and spent five years in the family business, working hand-in- hand with franchisees to open new restaurant locations and help them put the business plans in place needed to achieve sustainable success. What’s more, since 2012, I’ve owned and operated my own restaurant property in Snohomish, WA.

As a result of these experiences, I have an empathic understanding of the dreams, fears, and challenges business owners and investors often face—particularly around real estate issues—and am able to relate closely to each and every facet of the decision-making process. I’ve seen all the moving parts that go into the establishment of a successful business and enjoy supplying the patience, objectivity, and project management skills needed to help a client find just the right solution to their needs.

It's All About Trusted Relationships

At the end of the day, actions speak louder than words. And while many people talk a good game about the importance of trust and customer service, I try to live by this philosophy, each and every day.

Simply put, I’d sum up the approach I take to my work in three statements that I heard repeatedly, growing up. 1) Always treat people the way you want to be treated; 2) Always leave something on the table for the next guy; and 3) Recognize that the harder you work, the luckier you tend to get!

As for the relationships I maintain beyond the real estate arena? Hang around me for long and you’ll note that I also love spending time with my wife and two young sons, as well as taking my two chocolate labs, Gunner and Murray, out and about on adventures. I also proudly volunteer time to the Boys and Girls Club of Snohomish County and to local fundraising events, given my belief in the local community and belief that what comes around, goes around.