Ayumi Doll, Broker in Burien, Windermere

Ayumi Doll




Windermere Real Estate/South, Inc.
401 SW 152nd St

Burien, WA 98166

Ayumi Doll offers 4.0 Ps :Passion, Persistence, Proactiveness and Patience

I think there is nobody else in this business who was as passionate and successful at Real Estate at such young age as me. I have always loved to go out to Open houses since I was a little girl. It was when I was in third grade when I had my very first successful real estate experience and showed an aptitude for real estate and 4 Ps of helping people.
After a relocation of jobs, my parents moved to a new city and we were living in a rental house. A few months later, they decided that they should purchase a house instead of renting so they hired a real estate agent to help them find a house. They had looked at a lot of houses with the agent for many many months, yet they did not find a house which matched their criteria and they almost gave up.
I, on the other hand, was very excited and went all over the neighborhood by bicycle everyday looking for houses for sale and told my parents about what I had found. One day, I found a vacant house which did not have a for-sale sign but was the perfect house: perfect location, perfect size etc; matched what my parents were looking for. I knew and felt, “This is it!” so I told my parents about it and needless to say, this house I found became the house I grew up in and is now a home I go visit my parents at.
As a third grader, I only could help them with finding what they were looking for. But now, I can help you find the home of your dreams and also help you through the process as well. Now, by a car instead of my little kid bicycle, I can go even farther and faster to persistently look for, locate and show houses until we find the one you were meant to have.
Buying or Selling a home is very exciting, but it can be very overwhelming. It is said that buying or selling house is the biggest purchase of a person’s life. I am here to help you go through the process and make it as smooth and enjoyable as possible. I provide a service which is customized for what you need and I would love to be there for you and care for not just as a client but like a member of a family! I want both you and I to keep smiling and be happy today and in the future!
I have 4 Ps to offer; Passion, Persistence, Proactiveness, Patience which should lead to another P: Perfect!