Amy  Adler,  in Lake Oswego, Windermere

Amy Adler

LIC. 201232520


Lake Oswego - West

Windermere Realty Group, LLC
3689 Carman Drive Suite 100

Lake Oswego, OR 97035

My Professional Focus & Background in Real Estate

Home investment and presence in the real estate market is one of the most monumental decisions a person will ever make. In my work as a professional broker my number one priority is to serve clients with knowledge and dedication. I actively study the market, architecture, and statistics and I am able to merge those understandings to produce exceptional results for my clients. I place a high value on determination, accountability, and transparency with my clients. These values contribute extensively to the client experience that I provide.

Having grown up in a family of Realtors I have been a part of the industry my entire life. I speak the language and have an established mindset for the business. My interest in homes really grew near the end of high school. After graduating from Lakeridge High School in the Portland Metropolitan area I went on to study Interior Architecture and earn a bachelor’s degree at the University of Oregon. In moving back to Portland after school I found the growth of the city and the change in the real estate market fascinating. My background in real estate combined with the wealth of knowledge I had gained at the University of Oregon left me knowing that it was time to dive right into the industry. The passion that I hold for the real estate market, homes, and architecture is what allows me to excel in what I do, and to help you feel confident in your real estate decisions.