Alex Stuart,  in Vancouver, Windermere

Alex Stuart


Vancouver- Tech Center

Windermere Northwest Living
1401 SE 164th Avenue Suite 190

Vancouver, WA 98683

My Philosophy: Listen to you first, then act.

Throughout my 30 years of helping people buy things, I have learned the valuable lesson of listening. Attentive listening allows me to fully understand your concerns, needs, and wants in the sale of your home. Having a clear picture of your expectations allows me to move the process ahead while respecting the things that are important to you.

Negotiation never ends.

A lot of home buyers think that once they are in contract it’s a done deal. This is most definitely not the case. Because of my past sales success I have the tools to be able to help you have a home sale that is both financially beneficial and timely to you and your family. It would be my pleasure to help you have this successful home sale.

Solid planning sets you up for success.

There are multiple aspects of selling a home that many sellers are not aware of. As your agent, I will walk you through this process by helping identify all key areas that will get you to a buyer, an offer, and ultimately, your sold home.