Alex  Junge , REALTOR® in Salt Lake City, Windermere

Alex Junge



Salt Lake City- 9th & 9th

Windermere Real Estate - Utah
1059 E. 900 S 202

Salt Lake City, UT 84105

About Me

As a Salt Lake City native, I have always been fascinated by this city, and as I’ve grown older, I’ve found and experienced more parts of it to love.  I’ve made it my mission to build my greatest values--helping people, creating community, and continually learning--into a career I love, hence Real Estate!

As a 20-something in Salt Lake City, I know I provide a unique perspective of each community and neighborhood in the valley.  This is crucial when deciding where to lay roots and build your future, so I intend to guide you through the process with authenticity and honesty. My business is also founded on the principle of support--meaning support for the local community by giving back and collaborating with local businesses, and support for every person I come across. 

Over the years, I've cultivated relationships in every industry, and being a Realtor®️ has reminded me how valuable your community truly is, that the interconnectedness of this city spans far and wide, and that that is something so unique to "Small" Lake City, Utah.

Thank you for trusting me with one of the biggest financial decisions you may ever make in your life.  I look forward to working with every one of you!


Alex Junge