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Gearhart Office

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Windermere Realty Trust
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Gearhart, OR 97138

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Integrity | Professionalism | Community

Our agent population is the most valuable asset we have. We're committed to surrounding ourselves with those we'd trust working with the most important people in our lives: our best friends, our parents, our kids.

We put our client’s best interest first. We are honest, authentic, and professional. We provide complete real estate services to both buyers and sellers and our industry colleagues.

We are committed to ongoing learning; taking advantage of training, tools, and support to understand the marketplace and best serve our clients. We conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times with our clients and our industry colleagues.

We are committed to supporting the community of our office, the community of our company, and the communities in which we live and work by sharing our resources, expertise, and support.

The Strength of the Brand

We attract real estate professionals who approach their business with a service mindset and put the treatment of their clients (and betterment of their communities) above their commissions.

The Next Chapter

How do you become the realtor of choice? You focus on relationships.

We hear the same story. Windermere clients - who tend to champion the same causes, support the same charities, and serve the same communities - shift from being merely names and numbers to genuine, core connections.

Building Community

Every year Windermere closes its offices for one day to help make a positive difference in our local communities. It all started in 1984 when a handful of Windermere owners and agents came together to make repairs at a local elementary school. Thirty years and more than one million hours of community service later, we've continued this tradition through neighborhood-enhancing projects in the areas where our Windermere teams live, work, and play.

At Windermere, it's not about chasing Internet leads or sitting down to make cold calls. It's not about a one-off, slam dunk deal or any single, stand-alone transaction.

It is about staying top of mind, sharpening your skills, and staying attuned to the wants and needs of those around you.

Here's our belief: when enough people in your marketplace know, like and trust you, business flows.