Posted February 2 2012, 7:08 AM PST by Tara Sharp

Celebrating 40 Years, Together

Posted in Windermere Foundation and Windermere by Tara Sharp

WindermereKickoff2012Last week was a special week here at Windermere Real Estate. Close to 2,000 agents, franchise owners, and company leadership met up at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle to celebrate our company’s 40th anniversary. While we were all together, we talked a lot about milestones; where we’ve been during the past 40 years, where we are today, and where we want to be going forward. One thing that remains unchanged is the privilege we all feel to get to do the work we do – helping people find a place to call “home” is something pretty special. We also premiered a fun commemorative anniversary video which captures the pride we all feel in having reached this exciting milestone together.

Something that has been a significant part of the Windermere culture for the past 40 years is community involvement. This involvement takes many forms, but the one constant is our commitment to improving the communities where we work and live. In honor of our 40th anniversary, this year we challenged our offices to create videos that highlight the work they do in their local communities through the Windermere Foundation. We want to congratulate our three winners from Camano Island/Stanwood, Tacoma, and Walla Walla, each of whom received a $2,000 donation to their community organization of choice. These three are stellar examples of the amazing work all our agents and offices do throughout the Western U.S. You can find each complete video on our YouTube page at

Thank you for allowing us to indulge for a moment in this celebration. It is because of all of you that this anniversary is possible – thank you!