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Windermere Foundation Quarterly Report

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Greetings from the Windermere Foundation,

Thanks to you and the wonderful support the Windermere Foundation has received so far this year, we have disbursed $357,000 to qualifying social service organizations dedicated to providing services to low-income and homeless families throughout the Western U.S.

Our amazing agents, brokers, staff and owners, along with public supporters, continue to contribute generously to the Foundation, making these disbursements possible.

Wellspring Family Services shared a letter of thanks for the support they recently received from three Seattle offices: Capitol Hill, Eastlake, and West Seattle.

“No child should be homeless. And all children should have what they need to thrive.

That sounds so obvious, doesn’t it? But at Wellspring Family Services we see many children who don’t know where they will sleep tonight. Children who have never experienced the routine of bath and bed time; never invited a school friend home to play because they have no home. Children being robbed of their childhood.

It brings me great joy to know that this path can be changed and will change for 700 children in our community this year. Thanks to you, they will have a home.

Your support affirms the work we are doing and will benefit our entire community today and for generations to come.”

-Wellspring Family Services



“I would like to make a plug for two of our Property Managers, Jennifer Shepperd and Cassie Walker Johnson.

Within this past year, they both attended an event hosted by Youthcare in downtown Seattle to learn about the organization’s mission and the types of people that they serve to assist. They heard some heartbreaking stories about the situations that these kids are in, and felt compelled to help make a difference. Throughout 2012, these two agents of ours have spearheaded the effort to donate thousands of our Foundation dollars to Youthcare, coordinate a clothing drive, and this holiday season our brokerage will be granting the gift wishes of 10 Youthcare children.”

-Cory Brewer, Operations Manager

Windermere Property Management/Lori Gill & Associates


Cary Perkins’ middle name is “FOUNDATION”. Being unique and uber enthusiastic is just the way Cary is, and it shows in her support and creativity when it comes to the Foundation. She is always looking for the next way to raise some money...ideas just seem to bubble inside her. 

Cary found a new level of participation for the Johnson office when she became our rep. Many agents are involved in community activities and she has inspired them to think, ‘Oh, can we get that to benefit the Foundation…’

The fun factor is never far from the top of the list in the projects, fundraising, or auctions she puts together. She truly is an inspiration and the money the Johnson office has raised during her tenure speaks volumes about her dedication.”

-Lynne Murphy, Managing Principal Broker

Windermere Cronin Caplan Realty Group, Inc.


Please remember to read the Windermere Blog for more in-depth stories about what offices are doing throughout the year. Facebook is also a great resource for upcoming events, and shorter posts about office involvement in the community.

Thank you!


Christine Wood