More November 11, 2020

Windermere Launches Redesigned “People First” Website

Windermere Real Estate has launched a redesign of its website as a part of the company’s brand refresh evolution that started with new logos and more modern branding two years ago, followed by the launch of the company’s “All in, for you” brand campaign in 2019.

Windermere Marketing VP Julie Dey said it was the “All in, for you” campaign that guided the redesign of, mirroring the people-first approach that emphasizes the relationships Windermere agents have with their clients. This includes a wide variety of people-focused photography and videos, as well as real-life stories about the great lengths Windermere agents will go for their clients. The home page also features the recently launched Human Algorithm video which tells the story of how Windermere agents bring their client’s unique vision of happiness to life.

“While most real estate websites are heavy on imagery of homes, we’ve chosen to go in an entirely different direction,” said Dey. “In fact, the only images of homes you’ll really find on our site are in the search results, because for us, real estate is first and foremost about relationships and personal connections. And that’s what we hope our website reflects.”

Dey added that the new site was originally intended to launch over the summer but was delayed so the company could work with Portland, Oregon-based agency Smith + Connors who specialize in inclusive and future-forward marketing. Dey said the agency was hired to evaluate Windermere’s website and digital marketing products through a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lens.

“As a part of Windermere’s strong commitment to DEI, we felt it was important to take a pause and bring in some experts to make sure we were living up to our goal to foster a sense of belonging,” said Dey. “We think the end result illustrates that our people-first approach is focused on inclusivity.”

In addition to the redesigned branding, features a new blog and content pages focused on the buying and selling process, home value estimates, its community involvement, and Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner’s latest economic reports and commentary.