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Windermere Foundation Continues Tradition of Supporting Local Schools & Children

A portion of every commission a Windermere agent earns is donated to the Windermere Foundation and distributed to non-profit organizations that provide support to low-income and homeless families. But it doesn’t stop there, many offices also host fundraisers so they can make a larger impact in their community, or they’ll volunteer their time. Here are a few recent stories about how members of the Windermere network went above and beyond, making a positive impact for children and families in their area.

Pictured above: A group of agents and staff from Windermere Utah volunteering in a warehouse putting together donation kits for local organization Granite Education. Pictured: Back Row L-R: Alice Ray, Brittney Hudalla, Lana Ames, Brendon Drury, Abbey Drummond, Sarah McNamara, Cathy Sneyd, Taylor Peterson – Front Row L-R: Mimi Sinclair, Amy Dobbs, Hillary Walker, Andi Walker

Windermere Kettle Falls

The Windermere Kettle Falls office has a specific process for helping local children in need during the colder months of the year. This process has been refined over 30 years of working directly with representatives within the Kettle Falls School District to donate through their Secret Santa program. Every year, they obtain a list of students in need from administration ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade. Each student is interviewed by a teacher and asked what they would like for Christmas. Kettle Falls agents and staff wrap items and deliver them to each student, leaving it up to the school and parents if the children will open their gift on the spot or wait until Christmas. The difference these items make in these students’ lives is evident in their joy and near disbelief when opening each gift. This year, the Kettle Falls office donated $908 through Secret Santa Christmas, plus another $50 in Walmart supplies. Way to go, Kettle Falls!

Windermere Salt Lake and Park City

The Windermere network has a long tradition of providing food supplies to community members who need it, and the Windermere Salt Lake City and Park City offices continued this tradition in February. After an agent identified the Granite Education Foundation as a candidate for their giving, the Windermere offices rallied to partner with the organization and make a positive impact for kids in the community. The offices rounded up $5,000 in donations to boost the organization’s support of local schoolchildren in need and a team of volunteers spent a day creating take-home food packs for students on free or reduced lunch programs.


A group of agents and staff from Windermere Utah volunteering in a warehouse. They are putting together donation kits for a local organization Granite Education.

Pictured: Front: Lana Ames & Brendon Drury – Back: Brittney Hudalla, Alice Ray, and Andi Walker


A group of agents and staff from Windermere Utah volunteering in a warehouse. They are putting together donation kits for a local organization Granite Education.

Left side front to back: Taylor Peterson, Cathy Sneyd, Abbey Drummond, Sara McNamara – Right side front to back: Amy Dobbs, Ani Walker, Alice Ray, Brendon Drury, Lana Ames – Front: Mimi Sinclair


Windermere West Seattle

The Windermere West Metro office in West Seattle wanted to do something special for local school kids participating in an after-school arts program. A West Metro agent knows the folks at White Center Elementary School well and made the connection to the Windermere Foundation reps at the office to discuss how they could help. Shortly thereafter, they donated $2,000 to the school program to purchase supplies. They received the following letter of gratitude from the school’s PTA in response to the donation:

A big thank you for your generous grant to the White Center Heights PTSA! Your funds will make a huge difference in our kids after-school programing. Our after-school art class is volunteer-taught by five middle-schoolers who come from Cascade Middle School, Summit Atlas, and Denny Middle School, and this will be one program which will directly benefit from the Foundation funds to help with supplies for their art program. Thank you for supporting our kids! 

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­­­­Featured Image Source: Windermere Utah