More June 10, 2014

Windermere First Quarter 2014 Summary

The Windermere Foundation disbursed $276,547 to non-profit organizations during the first quarter of 2014, including 117 grants, with an average grant size of $2,364.

The Windermere Foundation raises money in two ways: 1) by collecting a percentage of the sales commission from every Windermere Real Estate transaction; and 2) from individual contributions made by agents, staff, and friends of the Foundation, including public and private fundraising events. We collected $254,023 in the first quarter; 59 percent of funds raised were through individual contributions and fundraisers, and 41 percent were raised through transactions.

Please help the Windermere Foundation reach its goal of raising two million dollars this year! Currently, we are at 25 percent of our goal.

If you’d like to help, go to to make a donation.

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