More March 18, 2009

Windermere Agents Participate in National Reading Day

Greetings from the Windermere Foundation,

Every March 1st or 2nd for the past 12 years nearly 45 million children and adults participate in the the national Read Across America program. The purpose of the program is to help motivate children to read in addition to learning basic reading skills. The program’s date is in honor of Dr. Suess’ Birthday. And…who better to help inspire kids to read than Dr. Suess! Oh, and of course, dedicated Windermere agents!

Following is a short blurb from the office and a thank you from the librarian.

A bunch of Windermere Agents went over to read books at Highland Park Elementary in honor of Dr. Seuss’ Birthday (March 1st). The note below is from the librarian of the school just thanking us for the day. I also composed a few words below in light of the event and included a few fun pictures (Angelica Spates, Windermere; Group Volunteers/Librarian; The Kids). Mary Ann Vandergriff is our Windermere Foundation Coordinator and has done so much for the community it would be nice to recognize her. Thanks!!

One day a year, we give great cheer, To a special man we hold very dear. In honor of him and the things he did, we go to the schools to read to the kids.

It’s all sorts of mayhem, craziness and fun; to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, he’s the one!

So we packed up the books from Ms. Marjorie and went to the classrooms to spread some glee.

The children were crazed with excitement in their eyes and it was special for us to touch a small part of their lives.

So get out there my friends and take time to read, it enriches your lives and helps you to lead.


Hi Mary Ann,

Thank you to the Fauntleroy Windermere Real Estate volunteers. Each year seven or more volunteers come to Highland Park Elementary School on Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, March 2nd. They read Dr. Seuss books in three different classrooms from kindergarten to fifth graders. The children love the stories and the special people who come every year to read to them. Our West Seattle community is a richer place because people like the Fauntleroy Windermere volunteers give their time to our children.

A big thank you to them!
Marjorie Habbestad

Thanks for helping these kids learn the importance of reading!

Christine Wood
Windermere Foundation