Selling July 28, 2010

Will videos surpass photos when it comes to marketing a home online?

I recently read a real estate video report from Sept 6, 2009 stating that to market a home today the use of video is becoming more popular. The reports states that:

"When searching for real estate information, consumers value video 41% of the time and photos 48% of the time."

They also predicted that " video will soon grow higher and still images will decline.  Most of this shift is due to some interesting enhancements in technology.  Technology to upload video to websites has drastically been enhanced.  We now have video software embedded into cameras that compress the video and maintain high quality. Cameras like the HD Flip for example makes taking video and loading video very easy."

It's true that videos haven’t yet replaced photos in real estate marketing, but the numbers clearly tell the story of the real estate industry’s intent on utilizing video to strengthen their brand by improving the consumer experience.   As distribution opportunities unique to video become more readily available to real estate professionals, teams and brands, the adoption of video will pick up pace rapidly. Video’s acceleration is already underway.

My questions to you the Buyer. How do you feel about video over photos? And to the Seller. Do you feel that using video enhances the marketing or distracts form it?  We want to know.

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