More April 8, 2015

What Makes a Home Luxury?

We wanted to find out different perspectives on what truly makes a home luxury, so we went straight to the source: Our agents who are a part of Windermere’s Premier luxury marketing program. Through their eyes we can see that “luxury” doesn’t have an absolute interpretation.


Rick Franz – Bellevue South

When asked what he thinks makes a home luxury he told us it “stands out above rest. It could be exquisite finishes, a dazzling location, breathtaking views, but it’s really the quality of the construction and how it presents itself to the public. And that the public perceives it’s a special property.”





Deirdre Doyle – Capitol Hill

“To me it’s underrated elegance. I don’t think ‘flash’. Bigger isn’t better, better is better.” When she thinks of luxury two words come to mind: “quality and integrity.”






Ty Evans – Bainbridge Island

Ty said that the quality of the home, where it’s located, how it’s presented, and the caliber of construction are what make a home luxury. “It’s like a small Tiffany box versus a big jewelry store; quality not quantity.”






Karl Lindor – Bellevue South

“Lux starts with a special and unique setting. Lux is materials that are unique and have a wonderful look and color. Luxury is anything but ordinary. It creates an emotional connection. It’s as simple as a well-engineered appliance or a unique granite counter top.”





Jennings Doyle – Lakeview

“Luxury homes offer clients ease of living through thoughtful and deliberate architectural strokes, grand geographic appointment, and elevated quality in finishes and design elements.”





Stephanie Pfeffer Anton, Executive VP of Luxury Portfolio, spoke at Windermere’s most recent Premier networking breakfast about luxury and how it has evolved in the past few years. For starters, according to Luxury Portfolio, Mercedes Benz’s sales were up 14 percent last year and luxury fashion brand, Bottega Veneta, was up 47 percent. Ladies and gentleman, it is clear luxury is back. Not only that, but what matters to luxury consumers have changed. Instead of associating luxury with words like “exclusive” and “glamorous,” luxury now means “artisanal,” “educated,” and “healthy.” Luxury items are now taking a back seat to lifestyle. However, one aspect that is guaranteed to never change is that there’s an emotional component of any luxury purchase.



Thanks to our Premier agents who took the time to give us their two cents on this topic. People aren’t necessarily buying luxury items just because anymore. They want to be educated before they purchase, knowing it has reliability, whether a product or a home.


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