Selling July 30, 2018

Seven Steps to Yard Sale Success

A yard sale is a great way to get out with the old and make room for the new, and can help to declutter your home as you prepare to sell and move to a new location. Here are some tips to help make your yard sale a success. 

Seven Steps to Yard Sale Success

1. Get Rid of Unused Items

If you haven’t used it in more than a year you most likely won’t use it in the next year. Sell it.

2. Community Involvement

Get the community involved. Contact your neighbors and coordinate having one large neighborhood sale on the same day. This will give consumers a greater incentive to come.

Helpful Hint: Have each participating household pitch in a few bucks for directional signs or an advertisement in the local paper.

3. Fun for the Whole Family

Get your whole family involved. Set up a lemonade stand or have a small bake sale for your kids to run.

4. Self Promotion

Promote yourself online. Create a Facebook event page and invite all your friends. Tweet about it. Create a fun hashtag and offer a prize to those who Tweet about your sale. Post a carousel of the images for sale on your Instagram. Whatever old knick-knacks you may uncover are sure to be a hit for somebody, and creating a storyline for your many time-worn giveaways can add to the appeal and interest.

5. Incentivize

Offer an incentive. Give away a free grab-bag to your tenth customer.

6. Be Flexible with Prices

Be willing to adjust your prices and leave room for some friendly negotiation.

7. Donate Leftovers

After your sale is over, do not, I repeat, DO NOT put the leftovers back in your house, garage, or storage. Immediately donate them to your local thrift store, so there is no chance of procrastination or keeping things you do not need.