More October 13, 2014

Perspectives – Standards of Practice

As you’ve probably heard, the housing market is a little crazy right now. Every day we hear stories from our agents about the competition among buyers and what it takes to secure the winning offer. Escalation clauses, love letters, waived contingencies, non-refundable earnest money. The list goes on and on. Navigating this type of market requires an agent with moxy. An agent who is highly trained. And an agent who is ethical and respected by other agents (you’d be surprised how important respect between agents is in these situations).

Windermere agents hold themselves to a very high standard. That’s why 30 years ago we decided to establish an internal code of conduct known as the Windermere Standards of Practice. Within these standards is an outline of how we believe our clients deserve and expect to be treated. They are intended to provide total transparency about how we do business, while letting our clients know that our agents practice the highest level of competence and accountability.

Call us old-fashioned, but we still believe that notions like integrity and respect should be taken seriously and practiced rigorously. So much so that from the first day an agent joins Windermere, he or she is asked to subscribe to the Windermere Standards of Practice. In turn, we hope this commitment to ethical conduct lets our clients – and our community – know that doing right by them is our highest priority.

Why should this matter to you? Because when you’re competing for a home with six other buyers and everyone is upping the ante in a highly charged, time-sensitive situation, it’s important to know that your agent is a full-time professional who takes the business of real estate very seriously. With this comes a deeper understanding of the market and a commitment to professionalism that other agents recognize and respect. We call it the winning formula, and when competition is fierce, it’s good to know that the cards are stacked in your favor.