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Multigenerational Home Buying Guide

For any family looking forward to multigenerational living, there’s much to consider when trying to find the right property. Whether you’re planning to welcome your parents or grandparents, provide a comfortable space for adult children, or simply want to create a home that accommodates your extended family, finding the right place takes time. Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that play a role in your home search.

Multigenerational Home Buying

Prioritize Location

Just as with any real estate purchase, location is vital to finding the right home for your extended family. For your young ones, you might consider the nearby schools. For the older folks in your home, you’ll want to know your proximity to healthcare facilities and community spaces. And for everyone under your roof, you’ll want to be close to the places that help you all enjoy life, such as parks, bodies of water, and other recreational areas.

How to Search for a Home

Floor Plan

With more people living in a multigenerational home, layout can often take precedence over aesthetics. Of course, you still want your next home to look the part, but fundamentally, you have a lot of foot traffic to account for and future accessibility to think about. Homes with separate living spaces are a great option for accommodating a large family. Features like a furnished basement, a mother-in-law suite, an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), or a detached guesthouse can solve a lot of problems, present and future.

Private Spaces

Along with an ideal layout, it’s important to have private spaces so each person can enjoy their time at home. Make sure there are separate bedrooms, bathrooms, and if possible, separate living areas to allow family members to make the most of their personal space while still enjoying the benefits of living together. You can either look for homes that have defined private spaces or identify the ones that are good candidates for remodeling projects that can create them.

Buying with Remodeling in Mind

Home Inspection

A thorough home inspection is a necessity. With several people living with you—some of whom may be elderly—you need to know that your home can provide for everyone for years to come. The home inspection will help you to identify any potential issues with the property and make informed decisions about how to negotiate with the seller.

When looking for properties, look at the condition of the roof, plumbing, electrical systems, and identify any potential structural concerns. Talk to your agent about the findings of the home inspection and what it means for you as you prepare to make an offer.

Home Inspection: A Reality Check from a Pro

Think About the Future

How will your needs change at home in the future? Thinking about the long term can help you narrow your home search. Maybe you’ll need additional space as your children grow up or as your parents age into their elderly years.

A home with a more flexible design and layout may be a better investment for you in the long term.


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