Living February 9, 2015

Join Our #OdeToMyAbode Photo Contest


Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is a day in which we express our affection for those we love. But at Windermere, we don’t think it should stop there. People often feel a deep sense of love for their homes, as well. Do you have a favorite space in your home that you consider your sanctuary? Or a room where family memories are made? Maybe it’s simply a cozy spot to curl up with a good book. Whatever your favorite space might be, we want to see it. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we invite you to share a pictorial love letter to your home through our #OdeToMyAbode photo contest. Simply upload your photo along with the #OdeToMyAbode hashtag via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or at, and you will be entered to win $500 worth of home improvement services from


Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a photo of your favorite room or space in your home.
  2. Go to Windermere’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page and post the photo along with the hashtag: #OdeToMyAbode
  3. You can also post the photo on the contest website:


The #OdeToMyAbode contest starts Monday, February 9, and runs through Friday, February 27. For more info, visit