More December 3, 2008

Food – the Necessity of Life

Greetings from the Windermere Foundation,

Recently, Windermere Services challenged each department to bring in either cans of food or cash donations for local food banks. While there were incentives to be the winning department, in addition to the obvious rewards of helping others, each department took the challenge seriously. The challenge ran for one month and the totals were impressive: $8,096.10 in cash donations and over 2,430 pounds of food were taken to Food Lifeline and Northwest Harvest. Needless to say, they were thrilled with the donations and especially thankful because while donations are down about 30%, the need has nearly tripled for many of the local food banks. And…. per Food Lifeline, every $1 of cash raised will feed approximately 5 people. So…this donation of $8,096 will provide 40,480 meals for families in need – in addition to the food donated! That’s cool.

Christine Wood
Windermere Foundation