More February 4, 2010

First 20 years of the Windermere Foundation

Greetings from the Windermere Foundation,

The Windermere Foundation was founded in 1989 to support non-profit organizations dedicated to serving homeless and low-income children and families.

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary and we have much to celebrate! Since our beginning, we have collectively raised over 21 million dollars to help hundreds of thousands of low-income and homeless families.

While the past year presented challenges for many, it proved to be especially trying for anyone near the border of poverty. Thankfully, generous agents, owners, managers, staff and public supporters have continued their dedication to the Foundation which helped raise over 1.2 million dollars in 2009. These much needed funds are distributed to many social service agencies committed to assisting low-income and homeless families throughout the West.

I'd like to share a story from the Foundation's early years that I originally shared on our Windermere Foundation blog. This story really helps illustrate what we’ve been able to accomplish over the years thanks to your support:

A mother with three young children was helped by the Windermere Foundation’s housing assistance grants and she always remembered the generous gift. She said the Foundation gave her hope and encouragement at a time when things looked pretty bleak. She made a promise that at some point her family would repay the Foundation for the generosity they received.

Then in October 2000, three teenagers and their mother arrived at Windermere Real Estate and asked to see Maria Bunting, Founder and Executive Director of the Windermere Foundation. During their visit with Maria, the teenagers spoke about the positive impact the Foundation has had on their lives. Before they left the Windermere office, they each made a hard-earned contribution to the Foundation so that the cycle of giving would continue.


I'm always so inspired by our generous community – not just those in Windermere, but all around us – who strive to help others any way they can.

Thank you for continuing  to inspire me and the children and families the Windermere Foundation serves – since 1989!

Christine Wood