Living March 22, 2013

Fear of Commitment? Choosing the Right Colors for Your Home


One of the most frequent questions interior designers hear is how to choose colors for a home. We all love color, but some people are afraid of using color in their home. Many find they fear committing to a certain color scheme or making a mistake after it is all done. Here are some ideas to help to get you started.

To try to determine just what colors to use in your home, look in your closet! You’ll see the basic wardrobe classics in there: black, brown, navy, beige/khaki. Those colors are neutrals and very applicable in your home color scheme. Now, check out the colors hanging there, too. Unless you are a serious fashionista, a certain color or two will emerge as a standard in your color preference repertoire. Even prints will feature similar colors. These colors are a great place to start to help you decide what colors to use in your home. If you love wearing certain colors and feel good wearing them, you will enjoy seeing them throughout your décor.

Lest you feel the need to paint an entire room tomato red (or whatever color you find that you prefer), just paint the walls a nice warm taupe or other neutral that you like and use the tomato red as an accent color with some of your accessories such as throw pillows, lamp bases, art on the walls or throw rugs. You can even practice with some inexpensive items you might find at a tag sale or discount store before you commit with higher priced items. Give it a try and don’t be afraid to keep working at it.


After 20 years as an interior designer, certified antiques appraiser, and personal property and lifestyle specialist, Lorelei Barrett added real estate to her quiver of skills in 2010. Her designs, products and advice have been featured in numerous regional and national home and building publications. She has been featured regularly on numerous television and radio shows, as well as home, design and trade shows, sharing her wealth of knowledge and advice. Lorelei resides near Spokane, Washington on a small farm accompanied by two horses, one cat and two West Highland Terriers.