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Living A little goes a long way: a top ten list for making the most of your home improvement Here is my top ten list of how to make the most of your time when tackling home-improvement projects.
Living Take it outside! Extending your living space to the outdoors is nice for relaxing and entertaining. Here are some quick ideas to make your backyard patio more comfortable all summer long.
Living Spatially Limited Gardening: The Indoors is the New Outdoors It is the official start to the gardening season! For those who have large outdoor spaces, it is the perfect time of year to make a trip to the home and garden store, work in your gardens, and plant new growth. For those who live in smaller city quarters and whose outdoor space comfortably holds little more than a potted plant, we are forced to be more creative with our green space.
Living Weekend Warrior: Quick projects to upgrade your home Memorial Day traditionally represents the kick-off of summer. Kids are getting out of school, families are making summer vacation plans, and backyard barbeques are on everyone’s minds. This is also a great time of the year to get your house in order and ready for the summer season.
Living Spring in your step: smart ways to get rid of the clutter and update your décor What are your tips for preparing for spring? What are your favorite spring rituals, once the cleaning is done?
Buying When it comes time to downsize If you are inclined to feel that the home you currently reside in may have out-lived its purpose, you may be struggling with some of the same thoughts and emotions my husband and I had when it came to the emotional and financially sensitive decision to downsize.
Living Making your house a home (Home resolutions, part II) Your home is a reflection of your tastes, your lifestyle and your ambition, and many of us are regularly transforming our homes one way or another to fit our adjusting needs.
Buying Practical resolutions: preparing for the best in 2011 (Part I) The new year offers the chance of renewed energy to accomplish the goals from past years and start fresh projects. This is the first post in a four-blog series about setting home resolutions, come back to see more information on making your existing home more personal, and buying and selling your home in 2011.
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Living Getting Through the Holidaze Perhaps it is just me, but I don’t remember the distance between Halloween and mid-December ever being so short. I am shocked Chanukah has come and gone and Christmas is nearly here. Consensus seems to be that the year has flown past.
Buying The Reality of Home Improvement: HGTV installment On any given weekend in my house, at least a couple of hours will be spent watching the designers, craftspeople and entertainers on HGTV or its spunky sister station, the DIY Network.
Living Weatherizing your home: protecting your investment through the harsh winter months Weatherizing your home--especially in light of harsh warnings--will protect your investment from preventable damage, save money on energy costs and, most importantly, keep your home safe and warm for you and your loved ones throughout the winter season.
Buying Investing in home: building a foundation for memories Finding and creating a home is an emotional, psychological, social and financial investment.
Living Yard Sale Success Yard sale season has arrived! Many people shy away from the idea of having a yard sale, but do you truly need that broken down accordion or the 80’s styled prom dress?
Buying Creating a household budget while we wait for our jetpacks If you’re like me you grew up in a world where technology promised exciting innovations like jetpacks, flying cars and monorails.
Living Sort and save your vision of home When I first moved into my new place, I was naively excited for making it exactly the way I wanted...immediately. New paint, new furniture and all of it would be so stylish.
Living Bring Earth Day into your home Today marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. How will you spend the day?
Living Doing taxes as a new homeowner The April 15th deadline to file your taxes is less than two weeks away. Worrying that things would be complicated for me as a first-time homebuyer, I had my taxes done this year by a CPA. Here are a few quick tips for fellow new homeowners that I learned from the experience.
Living Fruit trees for a small garden I have a very small backyard, but I still dream of planting a garden with a few fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, kale or strawberries.
Living Get in on the trend – just add turquoise The people who decide which colors are “in” and which are “out” have announced that turquoise is “in.” And it is the official "color of the year.”
Living What is a house? What does the Internet say we think about our homes in 2010?