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5 Tips to Organize Your Closet

An untidy closet can clutter your mind. Organize your closet section by section and you’ll improve your morning routine, get rid of extra belongings, and clean up your home in the process. Before you begin your closet purge, it helps to visualize how you want it to look. Your closet’s size and dimensions will determine much of what you’re able to accomplish, but the goal is to get it nice and neat regardless of size. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

5 Tips to Organize Your Closet

1. Start From Scratch

Before you can build up the closet you’ve wanted, you have to empty out the old one. Start by clearing your closet of all your belongings and placing them in nearby storage. Take out all your hangers and any clothing bins that aren’t fixed in place. This allows you to take a step back and build from the ground up. It’s also an opportunity to clean the corners and hard-to-reach areas that don’t normally make it into your cleaning routine.

2. Add Shelves

Take measurements while your closet is empty to see what shelving can fit. When shopping for shelves, consider your wardrobe inventory. Do you have more pairs of shoes than pants? Which items take up more space than others? This will help you decide on the perfect set of shelves to address your needs. Keep in mind that the most commonly used items should go toward the front of your closet for easy access. Seasonal items like raincoats, snow gear, and bathing suits that you don’t use as often can go toward the back. Design your shelves to address these needs.

3. Maximize Space

Maximizing your closet space comes down to two main factors: design and storage. You can have the best closet design in the world, but if it doesn’t allow room for storage, then your wardrobe will be overflowing before you know it. Shelves with multipurpose storage and vacuum bags are two space-saving products that can make a huge difference in available space. A clothing rack is a useful tool, not only because it allows you to hang clothing neatly along the rod, but some products also come with underneath storage that can free up even more space.


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4. Use Corners

Yes, your closet walls provide a nice home for shelving, clothing racks, hanging rods and the like. However, they’re not the only space where you can focus your organizing efforts. Instead of missing out on the negative space in the corners of your closet, use them to your advantage. Search for corner shelves that fit within your dimensions and fill them with items you would have had to place elsewhere. You’ll be surprised at how much space they can save.

5. Curate Your Closet

Now that you’ve taken steps to organize your closet, you’re ready to curate it. Iris Miyasaki ( is an expert in closet curation. As she puts it, closet curation is a stylistic approach to organization; it’s all about looking at your wardrobe through the lens of how those pieces get used in your life and arranging from there. “When you can see all your clothes, shoes, and accessories, you’ll want to use them more. I focus on creating a visual palette for my clients, whether that means organizing by color, silhouette, or types of items. The idea is to create a closet they’ll want to ‘shop’ in,” says Miyasaki. Once your closet is cleaned out, you’ll have freed up the mental space to look at your closet with curation in mind.

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