More July 22, 2013

360modern™ and Windermere Join Forces


It goes without saying that modern architecture is known for its simplicity of form and absence of excess. In other words, it is the antithesis of cookie-cutter design. When you combine this with the Pacific Northwest aesthetic, the result is something quite unique – and beautiful. The result of which defines the 360modern™ brand.

But, before I go into whom and what is 360modern™, I should start with my wife and business partner, Heidi. Heidi’s design aesthetic was heavily influenced by her grandparents who had a penchant for Danish furniture and artwork. Upon moving to Seattle after college, Heidi was immediately drawn to the city’s design influences which were largely shaped by the area’s Scandinavian founders. Her love of the real estate and design industries ultimately persuaded her to get into real estate sales in 2000.

Also a native of the Pacific Northwest, I have been building homes since I was 22 years old. I’ve always had an affinity for modern craftsmanship because I was taught that when it’s done right, it’s timeless. Perhaps that’s why I have always appreciated the architectural styles of local modernist legends, such as Paul Hayden Kirk, Fred Bassetti, and Paul Thiry.

Not long after Heidi and I married, we decided that we wanted to combine our passions for real estate, architecture, and modern home design. The result of that passion would eventually bring us to 360modern™.

360modern™ is an exclusive marketing program that focuses solely on the purchase and sale of Modern homes. It is our belief that the unique characteristics of Modern architecture requires specialized marketing to target buyers who are actively searching for Modern homes. Qualifying homes are also featured on the website, providing enhanced online exposure that is unique to the 360modern™ program.

Founded in 2002, the 360modern™ brand has been a pioneer for modern marketing. We’re immensely proud of how far it has come over the past 11 years, but we always knew it could be more – and that’s why we decided to partner with Windermere Real Estate.

As the largest regional real estate company in the Western U.S., and the largest real estate company in the Puget Sound region, we felt strongly that Windermere would make a worthy partner for 360modern™. Windermere’s commitment to marketing and technology were obvious draws, but it was their entrepreneurial spirit that really got our attention. We were pleasantly surprised by their passion for supporting and growing new business and that’s what ultimately sealed the fate of our partnership.

Modern design means many different things to many different people. For some it’s all about open spaces, clean lines, and minimalist design. For me, Heidi, and our team, it’s about this and more. With the support of Windermere, our goal is to become the ultimate source for modern lifestyles by serving the unique needs of those who are passionate about all things modern.

We’re invested in building the modern community through our involvement with architects, non-profits, historical groups, modern furniture and art purveyors. We invite you to join us by visiting our newly redesigned 360modern™ website. There you can view modern homes for sale, meet our team, and connect with our partners in the modern community. Our goal is to grow beyond the Seattle area, so stay tuned for updates in the coming months. And if you have any feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Rick Ward is CEO of 360modern. He lives in the Seattle neighborhood of Magnolia with his wife and business partner Heidi and their two sons. In addition to managing 360modern, Rick and his business partner Kelly Byrne build compelling architecturally modern homes with their company Next Century Modern. If Rick has any spare time, he enjoys golf, skiing and travel – sometimes all at the same time.