Tanya Barrans,  in Renton, Windermere

Tanya Barrans


Renton- PSR

Windermere Real Estate/PSR, Inc.
3800 NE 4th Street

Renton, WA 98056

Knowledgeable,  Approachable, Agent for Life

I love a good challenge. Bring me your questions, wildest dreams, hesitations and ideas; we will figure this out together. Whether you are just starting out in the home search process or ready to expand your real estate portfolio, I'm adept at brainstorming and advocating for my clients.

I will actively listen to your goals, offer insight and suggestions and make sure we find the right fit for you. Not a pre-defined "client" you, but the dynamic, unique and real you. 

Personal Life

In my free time, I seek adventure in our PNW wonderland. I hike, ski and explore the stunning beauty our area offers. If you have any bucket list suggestions, feel free to send them my way!