Tamara Leichtfried,  in Seattle, Windermere

Tamara Leichtfried


Seattle-West Seattle

Windermere West Metro
4526 California Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98116

“Zuhause ist kein Ort, sondern ein wundervolles Gefühl“  ~unknown
Translation: Home is not a place, but a wonderful feeling.

I like to think of “home” as being a comforting source of energy. Your “filling station”.
Someplace where you will fill your tank with confidence and love. Simply a peaceful place for you to unwind. Everyone needs a home to grow and evolve. However, owning a house doesn’t necessarily mean having a “home”.
A house is a building; the structure that is waiting to be filled with memories, celebrations and purpose. The way you FEEL in a house is what makes it a home. When you enter a house and feel like this is your filling station, then you are home! I’m here to help you capture your experience moving from a house to a home!

To my sellers:
Selling a home/ YOUR home is a big move and always comes with a story. Your very own story. With my step-by-step guidance, extensive marketing plan and my empathy, I want to lead you through this experience and make it a fun and exciting one - regardless of what your story may be.  I will bring structure, strategy, organization, knowledge, and commitment to the table. I will help you understand the process, the market and all the formalities.

A little bit about myself:
I come from a beautiful small town in Austria. I grew up around the smell of cows & pigs plus a tremendous portion of nature and I loved it!
After graduating from school for early childhood education, I started exploring the United States and found this amazing, historically, and young-spirited city called Seattle! I immediately fell in love with the architecture and the diversity it offers (and with my now significant other).  From that moment on I knew my passion lies in the real estate market. Therefore, I ended up moving to West Seattle permanently with my own little family of 3 & made my dream of becoming a realtor come true.

Country girl selling the city!