Sharon Liu, Realtor in University Place, Windermere

Sharon Liu



Chambers Bay

Windermere Chambers Bay
3610 Bridgeport Way West Suite 7

University Place, WA 98466

Relationships are key for REALTOR® Sharon Liu—it’s simply built into her personality. She stands strong on the side of her clients, treating them as she herself would like to be treated. She loves helping people.

For buyers, this means she’s hard at work matching her buyers to the perfect home and not the other way around. Looking at homes is a longtime passion of hers, and she offers a wealth of invaluable experience. And when you sell your home with Sharon, she’s your finest advocate, making your home shine and helping you achieve your own real estate goals. 

Sharon is well-qualified to guide you through any residential real estate transaction, whether you’re a seller with a unique property or a buyer seeking something specific in new construction or even an investment property. Her patience and ease working with first-time buyers is second to none. Sharon is detail-oriented, thinking through each phase of a transaction, spotting any potential hiccups before they even arise. Her strong banking background is an added bonus when navigating loan options and the financial aspects of real estate. And in addition to English, Sharon speaks Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, and Cantonese.

With reliable follow through every step of the way and keen problem-solving skills, this is the agent you want on your side. Sharon’s availability is flexible to best meet the needs of her clients. This includes creating systems accommodate buyers, sellers or international investors in faraway time zones when needed. And when it’s time for the big move, Sharon is right there with a wealth of moving experience and golden tips to help make your move as quick and stress-free as possible.

As with relationships, Sharon strongly values community involvement. She’s a proud member of her local PTA as well as the Tacoma Chinese Cultural Association and is a sponsor of the Olympia Areal Chinese Association. You’ll also find her enjoying the outdoors, time with friends, singing and cooking.

New to the area? You’ve truly found a gem in Sharon. She has made her home in Tacoma and in University Place and now lives in Gig Harbor. She serves as an amazing resource for all things local and happily shares her neighborhood favorites, especially when it comes to finding new restaurants to try. It’s no wonder Sharon’s circle of friends grows with each and every transaction. She swiftly transitions from trusted adviser to valued friend.

Sharon Hsiao

辦公室電話:(253) 565-1121

手機號碼:(253) 987-6389

傳真號碼:(253) 565-1371




對房地產經理人Sharon Hsiao來說,人際關係是最重要的關鍵,她天生就喜歡與人相處。她總是站在客戶的角度思考,將心比心地去對待他們。她熱愛幫助別人。





你是剛搬來的新朋友嗎?找到Sharon,你真的挖到寶了!她在塔科馬(Tacoma)及大學市(University Place)深耕多年,現在則住在吉格港(Gig Harbor)。Sharon對於當地的一切事物瞭若指掌,而且非常樂意和大家分享她在這附近最愛的好去處,特別是開發新的餐廳。這就是為什麼每次交易結束之後,她的朋友就越來越多。在大家眼中,她總是很快地就從令人信賴的房地產顧問,變成值得珍惜的好朋友。