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Ross Seligman



Portland - MLK

Windermere Realty Trust
2045 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

Portland, OR 97212

A Passion for the Northwest

Ross and his team are known for their passion for people and real estate. The expert team consists of Ross Seligman (Principal Broker)  Brokers Jim Scolastico, Anna Malin, Leighton Paul, Cydelle Higa-Johnston, Willow Emmett, Lesley Jeffries, and Trevor Emmett, along with Client Concierges Heidi Effmann and Bradley Lewis. The team are enjoying Portland's growth and expansion all while embracing the quirks that make this city so special.

Achieving your goals

Ross and his team can help sell your house for the highest possible price, release you from the unpredictable rental market and secure your dream home as a buyer. They will answer any questions about the Portland real estate market and process, all while making you feel part of a strong team. With hundreds of home sales closed representing buyers and sellers all throughout the Portland Metro Area, Ross and The Own It Portland team have a proven track record of outstanding, top level service and results. Whether it is receiving keys in your hand or top dollar for your home sale, Ross and and his team are the go-to real estate pros for Portland and would love to help you achieve your goals, surpassing expectations every step of the way.

Ross Seligman moved to Portland in 1999 after accidentally discovering this oasis of a city in a nationwide desert of strip malls and sprawl.

Ross likes to call Portland the "land of opportunity." Why, you ask? Where else can you be a successful real estate broker while simultaneously leading a double life as a musician? That would definitely be a bizarre combination in New Jersey but, in Portland, quite ordinary. In Portland, one expects that their straight-laced accountant is secretly oil painting between Yoga classes.

From the moment he arrived in Portland, Ross quickly fell in love with the vibrant energy of the people, gorgeous homes and neighborhoods, and exploding arts scene. Deciding to embrace it all, Ross became an active real estate broker and quickly immersed himself in the city culture. Working with premier brokerage Windermere Realty Trust, Ross is well known for his accessibility, integrity, professionalism, knowledge of the market, and passion for the NW.