Marcia Ramsay-Coots,  in Medford, Windermere

Marcia Ramsay-Coots

Waterfront Specialist

Licensed in Oregon



Windermere/Van Vleet & Associates, Inc.
1117 E Jackson St

Medford, OR 97504


It's the spirit that is the driving force in the life of Marcia Ramsay. Having grown up in the area, she enjoys nearly every opportunity the Valley offers. From hiking in the scenic local mountains, to boating, fishing, and hunting, her love of the terrain in the place she calls home has shaped her energetic and driven personality.


Marcia has always lived by the motto that if you want to know where your limits are here, you should just look up. Above and beyond the highest peaks, there truly is no limit to what you can achieve. In a diverse place where the terrain is as unique as the dynamic community, Marcia shares the one thing that people in her community all understand - the drive and belief that success is there for anyone willing to work to achieve it.


Marcia's highly organized approach combined with two-plus decades of experience in local real estate gives her an unbeatable combination. She has raised her children in the area and is considered a respected leader in the local real estate market. Whether you are buying or selling commercial real estate, investment properties or your residential property, count on the experience and dedication of Marcia Ramsay. She gives you the freedom to succeed in all of your real estate needs. Call or e-mail her today!