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Windermere Real Estate - Utah
2244 University Park Blvd.

Layton, UT 84041

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If you want to know the True Value of your home, I can provide you with an extensive review.  There are two value potentials the current one and an improved one where you make alterations that will enhance the value.  My report I will provide an accurate detailed report that illustrates how your home compares with other properties that are currently on the market and homes that have sold. I My techniques, recommendations and knowledge of staging and updating will escalate your properties salability and desirability which will result in a timely and higher yield.


I will help you locate the best opportunities on the market which will exceed your expectations. You’re going to get the lowest possible price after I negotiate with the sellers. You are going to learn the common pitfalls that many buyers make, so you will not be a victim of a bad buying experience. My home inspectors will ensure you are not buying a home with a bunch of problems, and we will get the sellers to fix any issues so you don’t have to. Buyers you will NEVER be a victim when buying your home with me.

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